Peel & SPF30 Protect Kit

Peel & SPF30 Protect Anti Aging Kit

(66 Reviews)

• Stimulates collagen and rejuvenates aging skin
• Unclogs pores to treat and prevent blemishes
• Smoothes texture and brightens tone
• Reduces the appearance of sun spots and age spots
• Hydrates for softer skin and plumps fine lines
• Anti-aging + Moisturizing + SPF30+ protection
• Prevents and repairs the signs of sun damage
  • $161.00
Total Face Pack
  • "Fine lines erased
  • Make such a difference"
  • - Rhoda
  • "Best SPF moisturizer!
  • light weight & healthy glow"
  • - sammy324
  • "Fabulous Peel!
  • Took away fine lines..."
  • - Christie V
  • "Great Results!
  • What a great little peel"
  • - Silkysmooth
  • "Heaven in a bottle
  • Moisturizes and nourishes"
  • - camogirl, KY

STEP 1: Celebrity Peel Glamour with Hyaluronic


All of the best peeling agents - Glycolic, Salicylic, TCA - and fruit enzymes combined in a universal peel treatment for all skin types. Perfect for new peel users. Quick and easy application, virtually no recovery time, redness, or visible flaking skin. Amazing results.


100% Pure Hyaluronic Moisturizer is the only product we recommend to apply to the skin immediately after a peel. Other moisturizers contain minimal nourishing ingredients and several chemical additives which can harm the skin and negate the benefits of performing a peel. Peel RX - Hyaluronic Moisturizer is oil-free so it is appropriate for all skin types, ranging from mature, dry skin to oily, acne/blemished skin. To achieve the best peel results, you need to repair and nourish the skin with a high-quality moisturizer. Dry skin types may wish to apply a cream to seal in the moisture.


The Celebrity Peel Glamour is generally safe for all skin types and skin tones.


Reduction of acne conditions, discoloration, fine lines, increased collagen and elastin growth, improved texture and clarity, skin is amazingly soft to the touch.


Light, depending on the processing time and number of layers applied.


PH determines the acidity or alkalinity of a chemical solution. As the PH lowers, a peel's intensity increases. The Celebrity Glamour Peel has a pH of 3.5.


Mild to None – Varies accordingly to individual skin traits and elected number of layers applied.


It is recommended that you perform a patch test of the peel solution prior to full application. 3 days prior to the peel, apply a small patch of the solution to the skin behind your ear. If no negative or unusual reactions are noted, you can safely proceed with your treatment. Celebrity Peel can be layered to achieve a deeper, more dramatic peel once you have established how your skin responds to one coat.

1. Cleanse the skin with a gel type cleanser and gently pat dry.
2. Wipe the skin with rubbing alcohol to remove residue and allow the peel to penetrate properly.
3. Dispense the peel solution evenly onto a gauze pad.
4. Begin buffing the skin in a gentle circular motion. We recommend a full facial application avoiding sensitive areas such as eyes, nostrils and open sores. It is recommended that only one layer of peel solution be used on the initial treatment. If you experience any excessive redness or irritation, rinse immediately.
5. After 2-4 minutes, rinse skin thoroughly with water. As your tolerance to the peel builds, you can gradually work your way up to a processing time of 10 minutes on the following treatments.
6. Immediately follow with the Hyaluronic Moisturizer.


This kit will provide 4-5 skin peels with normal use.


The Celebrity peel can be repeated every two weeks.
Celebrity Glamour Peel 1 oz / 30ml
Ingredients: Deionized Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Trichloroacetic Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Resorcinol, Glycolic Acid, Papaya Enzyme, Pumpkin Enzyme, Pineapple Enzyme, L-ascorbic Acid, Cellulose Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Hexylene Glycol.

Celebrity Moisturizer 100% Pure Hyaluronic 1 oz / 30ml
Ingredients: Deionized Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Hexylene Glycol.

STEP 2: Solar Radiance Rapid Defense System


Anti-Aging Serum contans youth enhancing active ingredients to prevent sun spots, reduce fine lines and nourish the skin. Natural extracts of licorice and bearberry are proven to slow and even stop the skin spot darkening process caused by the sun. Natural seaweed extract nutrients and hydrating hyaluronic acid restore nourishment and provide a more plump and youthful glow.


Anti-Aging moisturizer with spf 30 for daily use. Repairs and prevents the signs of aging with antioxidant protection, peptides, and skin nourishing vitamins. Feather weight formula is perfect for all skin types including dry and oily. Absorbs clear on all skin tones. Anti-aging ingredients include alpha lipoic acid, rice peptides, and retinol. Argireline is known as "the botox alternative."


Repairs and protects skin from aging. Rich in antioxidants such as green tea extract. Soothing aloe and UVA & UVB protection.


Use a pea-sized amount of the Anti-Aging Serum following a normal skin cleansing routine. Apply to the face and neck areas. Wait 3-5 minutes and apply the Anti-Aging Moisturizer.


This kit will last 30-45 days with normal use.


Use daily for best results.
Solar Radiance Sun Shield Anti-Aging Serum 1 oz / 30ml
Ingredients: Deionized Water, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan), Alpha Arbutin, Glycerin, Ethanol, Malva Sylvestris Extract, Mentha Piperita Leaf Extract, Primula Veris Extract, Alchemilla Vulagaris Extract, Veronica Officinalis Extract, Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract, Achillia Millefolium Extract, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Licorice Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Hexylene Glycol.

Solar Radiance Sun Shield Moisturizer SPF 30+ 1.7oz / 50ml
Ingredients: Octinoxate 7%, Titanium Dioxide 2%, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Barbadenis Extract, Emulsifying Wax NF, Sorbitol, Isocetyl Stearate, Deionized Water, DMDM Hydantoin, Lecitihin, Rice Peptides, SD Alcohol 40, Iodorpropynyl Butylcarbamate, Sodium Stearyl Phthalate, Octyl Salicylate, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 Argireline, Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Silica, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Triethanoplamine, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Alpha Lipoic Acid.

By heatherNYC
Its okay.
9 May 2013
Was hoping to save a step instead of using the sunscreen and moisturizer separately, but didn't like as much
By sammy324
Best Spf moisturizer!
7 May 2013
Very light weight. I use it everday under my makeup. Serum is great too. Absorbes quickly and gives a nice healthy glow to my skin.
By juju28
Finally! A good sunscreen for oily skin!
6 May 2013
Yay! My skin is so oily and I hate wearing sunscreen and moisturizer. This product is veery light and leaves a nice matte finishh on teh skin. I use the serum at night and wake up glowing!
By blueyes
4 May 2013
Love this! It's very lightweight. Not heavy or greasy as some with SPF are.
By peachysurfer
Love it!
2 May 2013
Great for summer in California!
By barbara75
Smells nice, feels nice
1 May 2013
I use sunscreen everyday and this is one of the best. Has a pleasant fragrance and feels good on my skin all day.
By CarlisleKY
Great moisturizer, lasts all day
30 Apr 2013
Doesn't feel greasy or heavy at all. Both products are excellent.
By mimi3490
Expensive but works!
21 Apr 2013
This is my favorite moisturizer. Most facial moisturizers that contain sunscreen have a bad texture or leave a white residue on your face. This smells pleasant and absorbs instantly.
By anonymous
good for a two in one product
13 Apr 2013
This is perfect for getting out of the house in a hurry. I use my glycolic cleanser and then this for moisture and SPF protection. The 2 recommendations I would make are to add a slight tint and to eliminate the fragrance.
By coolcat29
7 Apr 2013
This stuff is the bomb! Not irritating at all, moisturizes and covers beautifully and great protection for everyday. It is thinner than most moisturizers but I like that. The upside of that is that it spreads easily and a little goes a looooong way.
By manateee33
Serum is great.
4 Apr 2013
Spf 30 is a little heavy for my very oily skin.
By bethanymlc
Expensive but worth the price!
1 Apr 2013
You get what you pay for. Two more excellent products from Natural skin shop.
By bindu
works grate!
27 Mar 2013
The fine lines on my face seem to be disappearing!! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a moisturizer that helps your skin stay young and fresh looking.
By LAdreamin
Works well, lasts long.
26 Mar 2013
A little goes a long way with both the serum and lotion.
By raerae49
Looks natural on my dark skin.
12 Mar 2013
its difficult to find sunscreen for darker skin tones but its just as important for us to protect our skin! this moisturizer protects and looks natural. I use the serum at night.
By lovepatch
two works better than one!
9 Mar 2013
I bought both the serum and this moisturizer and I feel like this gave more results than just using the serum alone. I have a lot of sun damage and this is really helping my skin to look better.
By luckyxu
great for the whole family
6 Mar 2013
I use the moisturizer with sunscreen on my whole family when we go to the park. I save the awesome antiaging serum for me. Very happy.
By mskelly59
its not botox
3 Mar 2013
that's for sure!
By PattyR.
Great serum and good sun protection.
3 Mar 2013
A little expensive but they really are great products.
By mandymania
Nice and light.
3 Mar 2013
I love that it gives me the right hydration and it is light. I wear the sunscreen with the serum and my face is wonderfully clear.
By Freeda019
the best
3 Mar 2013
When I tried it for the first time, I use caution not putting a lot on since I know I don't like anything heavy and having SPF could making it heavy. I rub a dot size between my figures and lightly pat it onto my face. The product is nice and light and sinks in right away.
By camogirlKY
heaven in a bottle
3 Mar 2013
I love this set, it not only smells heavenly it really moisturizes and nourished my skin. I would recommend it to everyone.
By grapevine43
works grat
17 Feb 2013
This daytime moisturizer with SPF 30 is wonderful. Leaves my face feeling so soft and looking so hydrated.Doesn't have an offensive odor either that sometimes comes with sunscreen.
not for oily skin
12 Feb 2013
The serum is nice and I use it every night. The sunscreen is a little heavy. My skin is very oily and I cna't find anything that works.
great for everyday protection
10 Feb 2013
I use these products everyday. I work outside a lot and this moisturizer gives me just enough protection.
By MMM78
good for sensitive skin
8 Feb 2013
I have always been very sensitive to facial lotions with spf. I was so excited to find that I could use this one.
By Jodi
Fine lines
4 Feb 2013
I started using this product because of my fine lines and I can barely see them now.
By carolinasky
expensive but worth it
3 Feb 2013
The serum really smoothes my skin like an instant facelift!
Took away fine lines and melasma after my pregnancy.
31 Jan 2013
Christie V.
Love this!! Will order again! Arrived on time! Excellent value!!
31 Jan 2013
Al D.
Make such a difference in skin appearance, texture, reduces deep lines and wrinkles. Perfect for the various skin types. Process is done in minutes 15 minutes. Made a difference in all our clients appearances, especially those who believe in botox treatme
31 Jan 2013
I will continue to use this product to tighten pores, even out skin tone, and reduce fine lines.
31 Jan 2013
By Whitney
Very pleased with my results!
31 Jan 2013
I did not want any downtime. I decided that I would use this treatment as my gateway into the peel world! I am so glad I chose to go with this treatment! I am now going to figure out what peel I should get that is best for my skin type to use in addition to this great treatment!
By Theresa
Great in between major peel treatment
31 Jan 2013
I needed a great treatment to use in between my Glycolic peels that I do every few months. This product is wonderful if you want a quick overall hydration of your face!
By Petra
In love with my skin results
31 Jan 2013
I am so excited about this product! This treatment will be in my arsenal of skin treatments for years to come!
By Brianna
Great treatment
31 Jan 2013
My face was starting to feel a wreck from wearing all the makeup I wear all the time during the day. I needed to clear my pores and treat my blemishes! This worked with hardly any downtime!
By Francesca
I would buy this again
31 Jan 2013
I started using this treatment on a bi-weekly basis and it has done wonders for my face!
By Yolanda
Revived my face
31 Jan 2013
This treatment is truly a god-send. I wanted to treat myself at home to a spa like treatment once in a while and let me tell you this is the best treatment ever. My skin is smoother, I have less acne and my skin has an added glow! I am very happy with my results!
By Emily
Clearer skin
31 Jan 2013
I was starting to breakout a little bit and I wanted a nonabrasive treatment for my face. This worked wonderfully. I have done a few treatments and my skin just keeps getting better and better!
By Helen
Dehydrated skin
31 Jan 2013
I wanted to treat myself to a treatment that would help bring my face back to life. I recommend this one!
By Ursula
Blemishes be gone!
31 Jan 2013
I really was feeling like my skin was getting blotchy and needed a little something. I didn't want a recovery time, but I wanted my face to be treated, the peel did my skin well. I will recommend this treatment to everyone I know!
By Georgia
Skin is so much fresher!
31 Jan 2013
My skin was getting so dry from the cold weather, I needed a refresher for my skin, so I decided to give the Celebrity Glamour peel a try! I loved my results!
By Marla
Glowing skin!
31 Jan 2013
This peel is light an mild and made my skin glow and feel so soft!
By Martha
Addicted to this peel
30 Jan 2013
I apply this Celebrity peel, religiously every 2 weeks and have seen an incredible improvement in my skin. People constantly ask me what I have done to look so different. My skin is brighter and my blackheads are gone.
By mamabear
Great stuff
30 Jan 2013
For the first time, I feel comfortable without a full face of makeup. I've always had breakouts and just accepted it. I've done three peels so far and my skin looks beautiful! I followed the directions and my skin cleared up, has an even tone, and looks better than when I was younger. I'm sticking with it!
By Bellarosanna
Satisfied Customer!
30 Jan 2013
This peel is great for refining enlarged pores, diminishing wrinkles and fading acne scars. I also find that it works to diminish breakouts and control whiteheads/blackheads. I was super excited to find this product. It is awesome! I did my whole face and barely put a dent in the bottle, so you get great value for money. The serum soothes and hyrates your skin. I'm so glad I chose this product. Fantastic!
By pixie460
Fountain of youth
30 Jan 2013
I'm at the age where I'm seeing fine lines around my eyes, and some hyperpigmentation from sun damage. This peel and serum works wonders. I am definitely satisfied with what I see. My skin feels very soft and looks more radiant.
By legallyblonde600
Give it a try. You won't regret it!
30 Jan 2013
I am SO glad I tried this stuff . I've done two treatments two weeks apart so far, and the difference is amazing. There is some minor peeling for a few days. My pores are smaller, my forehead has completely cleared up, my blemishes are less noticeable and overall my skin just looks great. Highly recommended.
By Zac
Taken years off my skin!
30 Jan 2013
I love this Peel. I got it mainly for my pitted acne scars and this is the first product that has worked. Some of the really deep ones are still there but much less noticable and the edges are less defined. Other benefits are that my skin all over is smoother and brighter,with fine lines (that only I could see) gone and I've fallen in love with the serum.
By Lush009
30 Jan 2013
I was hesitant about purchasing and attempting to do a chemical peel on myself because I had only had them done during my facials at a salon, but I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. My skin definitely glows after using it and the peeling effects have not been noticeable. In the future, I will attempt to leave it on a little longer each time. I was also pleased with the instructions, prep solution and neutraliser provided.
By Silkysmooth
Great Results!
30 Jan 2013
What a great little peel! Well... the results are good. My face is so soft and almost line free, my scars from acne, when I was younger are almost gone. I am assuming after another peel in the future my face will even look better.
I would highly recommend this peel. The serum is excellent and moisterises your skin beautifully. Please get yourself a good quality sunscreen (they sell a great one here) for afterward and just get into the habit of using it all of the time. Its very important to protect your skin during and after the peel.
By revived
Great for sensitiv skin
30 Jan 2013
I been using these products for around 2 months and my skin really likes it. I have trouble with some products because I have breakouts. The peel great for my skin and does not irritate it. This serum goes on light is non oily and still makes wrinkles and lines fade I even feel safe to use it around my eye area. The price is reasonable too. I highly recommend it!
By Cinderella
Wouldn't be without it
30 Jan 2013
I could really see results after about a month of use. Even my deeper forehead lines seemed to be much less pronounced and my skin looks smoother. Worth trying.
By Diva123
My little secret
30 Jan 2013
Love it!!! After applying the Celebrity and serum my skin looks to radiant. Recently I traveled for work and forgot to pack them both. When I returned back everyone commented on how tired I looked. After a few days everyone thought I had gotten "the rest I needed" nope...I had another peel and used my serum. Brilliant!
By RickiC
Magic Potion
30 Jan 2013
I've been using these products for about a month now and love it. I use the serum as part of my skin care routine. A little bit of this magic potion before bed time leaves your skin line free and when I use it alongside my by fortnightly peel, it works like magic.
By Pepigirl
Excellent Product
30 Jan 2013
Hyaluronic Acid is important for collagen production and this product appears to work. This has been part of my skin regimen for years and I have very good skin. It works really well with the celebrity peel, which leaves your skin looking great.
By Lara
My face is rejuvenated!
30 Jan 2013
I love my results from the Celebrity Glamour, my skin was so dehydrated and now it is so soft!
By julieann
expensive but does what it says
29 Jan 2013
I love all of the products from natural skin store. This is a good moisturizer and the serum is nice too. Wish it costs less.
By hulagirl
Very light weight.
25 Jan 2013
My skin also was very oily until I started using this product, and I have had nothing but amazing results and compliments galore. I've thrown out all of my other moisturizers and serums.
By janesgame
just perfect
23 Jan 2013
They are perfect products. I initially thought that it was rather expensive however I only need a small amount of both. I have oily skin and in the winter suffer from combination skin with dry scaly patches. Well not this winter! My skin has been in the best condition that I have ever seen, in fact my friends and co-workers have told me that my skin looks bright and healthy. I have bought this as a gift for several family members. everyone loves them.
By Sonya
What I have been looking for
8 Jan 2013
This is exactly what I needed. I was looking for a product that will help to reduce the appearance of my large pores and give my face a new glow.
By jamekajames
Fels nice
6 Jan 2013
I love the silky texture and it keeps my skin nice and soft.
By Judith
Great product
1 Jan 2013
I have fine lines and large pores. Started using the Celebrity Glamour for about 3 months. In the beginning I was a little concerned about doing the peel at home and also about the downtime. It was the easiest thing, I will never spend that much money at a Spa to do something that I can do at home and the downtime is nothing to be concern. I really like it.
By Britney
27 Dec 2012
So far, I am very satisfied with this peel. It really does what it says.
By Eleanor
I already see improvement
19 Dec 2012
It is amazing to see the improvement on my skin already. This is my second application and I can already feel the difference.
By Louise
Absolutely loving it!
3 Dec 2012
I started using this peel about 2 months ago and I am in love with it. My skin feels so smooth and I don't have the usual downtime. All I need.